• Why did you choose the phrase "Investorside Research" for your organization?
  • What are the long-term goals of the Association?
  • Why did you decide not to address other conflicts besides investment banking?
  • Where did you derive the figure that 95% of all investment research is conflicted?
  • How will Investorside help the individual investor?
  • How does the Association ensure the quality of research from Certified Providers?
  • How can an investor find out if their assets are being used to pay for conflicted research?
  • What is the certification process for Certified Provider Members and why is it robust?
  • Would you accept a full service research provider like Merrill Lynch if they complied with the new SEC and NASD applicable regulations?
  • What can individuals or organizations do to help restore investor trust in investment research?
  • What are the membership categories and what is the cost to belong to Investorside?
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