IRP Value Proposition

What is Investorside?
The Investorside Research Association is a non-profit trade association consisting of 76 leading independent research firms that are certified to be free of investment banking, company consulting and paid-for research conflicts of interest.

Investorside's Purpose:
We were founded in 2002, shortly after the controversies surrounding investment banking research reached their zenith. Investorside was created to help individual and institutional investors find investment research that is aligned with their interests, and not those of public companies. InvestorsideĀ’s mission is to increase investor confidence in the U.S. capital markets system through the promotion and use of certified independent research.

Who are Investorside's Members?
Our robust membership certification process allows investors to distinguish between our members, who provide independent research free of investment banking conflicts, and research firms with conflicts of interest. Our member firms span the full range of the investment research industry and include small and large firms that produce fundamental equity, fixed income, technical/data, quantitative, macro- economic, forensic accounting, commentary style, and portfolio allocation research. Some members also provide expert network access and consulting services to institutional investors.

The Investorside Value Proposition for Independent Research Providers
Membership in the Investorside Research Association provides four strategic benefits:
Credibility - Investorside certifies that its members are free of investment banking, consulting, and research-for-hire conflicts and provides certified member firms with the trademarked Investorside Seal.
Promotion - Through, annual conferences and member meetings and regular media communication, Investorside markets its member firms to individual in institutional investors and promotes the growth of independent research.
Resources - Investorside offers members a forum to exchange information and ideas as well as access to shared resources. Investorside has negotiated agreements with vendors providing products and services at the lowest possible cost in an effort to help members create efficiency and growth their businesses.
Representation - Investorside actively promote government policy that encourages the use of independent research. The Association represents its members' interests before regulators, law-makers and members-of-industry, promoting the use if investment research that is aligned with investor interests.
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