Membership Application Instructions:
(print this page and refer to these instructions as you complete the membership application process)
  1. Complete the Membership Application and Attestation form on the following page.
  2. After completing the required information, Submit the Membership Application using the "Submit Application Now" button.
  3. Download, print, complete and sign the INDEMNIFICATION AGREEMENT. After completion, scan and/or copy the document to a file.
  4. After completing the INDEMNIFICATION AGREEMENT please login into your account by navigating to "MY ACCOUNT" on the Investorside home page. You should receive account login information by email.
  5. After logging into your account using the designated email address and temporary password, please choose the "Upload Application Doc" located on the menu in the far left section of the page.
  6. Choosing the "Upload Application Doc", upload the following documents and/or adobe PDF's. Scanned file copy of completed and signed INDEMNIFICATION AGREEMENT Brochure and/or brochures of representative marketing materials of applicant; Sample copy of applicant's research product highlighting any legal/regulatory disclaimers.
  7. If you chose not to pay membership fees via credit card during the Membership Application process, please mail a check for annual dues payable to:
    Investorside Research Association
    61 Broadway, Suite 1910
    New York, NY 10006 - 2701
  8. If for any reason you are not able to complete the process above, you may alternatively mail any or all of the documents required to the Investorside Research Association at the address listed above. In such cases Investorside will complete the process on your behalf however, some delay in the membership certification and approval should be expected.

    If you have any difficulties during the membership application process please contact:
    Dan Magarino
    Executive Director
    Investorside Research Association
    Ph: 877-834-4777
Certification and Payment
Upon payment of dues and approval of membership, you will be deemed a Certified Provider Member by the Investorside Research Association. Furthermore, after signing the Association's Trademark Indemnification Agreement you will be qualified to use membership seals and logos pursuant to Association rules in connection with marketing your investment research products and services. Your company will also be linked from our website so that consumers of investment research may identify you as an Investorside Research Certified Provider. Applicants are subject to a re-certification process every three years. Re-certification must be obtained for the continuing right to use the Investorside Research mark.

Annual membership dues are $1000 per year per corporate membership for Certified Provider Members and Associate Member. Applicants that wish to further support the development of the Association can apply as a Founding Member. Founding Member dues are $7500 per year per corporate membership, and will include the additional benefit of exclusive designation of the applicant as a Founding Member.

Dues are payable in advance, and must be received each year by the date of original membership approval to maintain membership status. Certified Provider membership is subject to approval of the Membership Committee and the process may take up to four weeks. The submitted dues will be returned in full if applicant is not admitted to the Association.

Investorside is deemed a 501 (c) (6) tax-exempt organization by the Internal Revenue Service. You can pay membership fee online by credit card or enclose a check for $1000 for Certified Provider Member and Associate Member applicants or $7500 for Founding Member applicants payable to Investorside Research Association with this application.

Required Enclosures
  • Brochure or other representative marketing materials of applicant;
  • Sample copy of applicant's research product highlighting any legal/regulatory disclaimers;
  • Check for annual dues payable to Investorside Research Association, if not paying membership fees via credit card within the Membership Application.
PRIVACY NOTE: The Association will not sell information about our members to third parties. Company name and contact data may be made available to other members of the Association and members of the public through published directories, web site listings or hyperlinks, or in Association advertising. Any proprietary information provided with this application will be held confidential.

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