Data Explorers
4th Floor Ropemaker Place
25 Ropemaker Street
Moorgate, NY EC2Y9LY
United Kingdom
Phone: 44 207 264 7657
Media/General Contact:
Ambika Grewal
Phone: 44 207 264 7657
Firm Description:
Data Explorers, a Markit Company (, provides global securities finance data tracking short selling and institutional fund activity.
Acquired by Markit in April 2012, the company?s unique data set covers more than 3 million intraday transactions, spanning $12tn of securities in the lending programmes of over 20,000 institutional funds.
Content is sourced directly from prime brokers, custodians, asset managers and hedge funds.
Client Base:
In partnership with more than 120 custodians and agents; established relationships with global prime brokers; over 100 buy-side clients including over 60 of the top 100 global institutional hedge funds.
Our unique content set of more than 9 million daily position updates is sourced directly from contributing customers across securities financing, including investment banks, prime brokers, lending agents, beneficial owners and hedge funds.
Sectors Covered:
Instruments Covered:
$13tn of lendable inventory $2tn of loan balance, 22, 000 contributing funds, 20, 000 equities, 200, 000 bonds, five years of daily data. More than 90 per cent of lending activity.
Tickers Covered: n/a
Research Covered: n/a
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