Blue Heron Research Partners
14 East 60th Street

New York, NY 10022
United States
Phone: 212-644-5110
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David Rynecki
Phone: 212-644-5110
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Blue Heron Research Partners
Blue Heron provides in-depth, qualitative research for some of the world's largest, most savvy institutional investors. Our clients hire us because we're dogged, determined, accurate and ethical. Our team's extensive investigative reporting experience gives us a significant edge in researching publicly-traded and private companies. Drawing from incomparable experience, a large pool of resources and powerful perspective, we get in the trenches to uncover the real story. It's this expertise combined with strong ethics and integrity that consistently leads to accurate, conflict-free research.
At Blue Heron, we're problem solvers. Our clients rely on us to conduct disciplined, focused and ethical qualitative due diligence. We're acutely aware that in today's dynamic markets, investors need actionable information delivered in a timely manner. That's what we do.
In our research process, we use public resources such as lawsuits and corporate documents that are often neglected by investors, as well as our own proprietary methods. One area of expertise is finding key sources and conducting in-depth interviews to uncover information crucial in making important investment decisions. Our bench of valuable industry contacts is extraordinarily deep. These are experienced, knowledgeable individuals with whom we have established relationships. We protect these sources just as we protect our clients.
Our team is uniquely qualified to conduct intensive manager due diligence. The skills and experience that set us apart are:
* Extensive experience: Average 15 years of investigative reporting experience
* Comprehensive network of contacts: Strong relationships with industry executives, consumers, suppliers, competitors, vendors and industry experts that is built on mutual trust and confidentiality
* Ability to identify the best sources: Skilled at tracking down valuable sources and asking questions that get to the heart of an investment
* Information gathering expertise: Highly experienced at gathering and interpreting critical information
* Strict ethics: Understand and adhere to securities laws
We believe that anyone can search a database and dial a telephone number. Experience has taught us that asking the right questions in the right way is the hard part: it is an extremely nuanced skill which can take years to perfect. We put our skills and experience to work for our clients to obtain answers to the most difficult questions.
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