Off Wall Street Consulting Group
P.O. Box 382107
Cambridge, MA 02238
United States
Phone: 617-868-7880
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Kathryn Talanian
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Firm Description:
Off Wall Street Consulting Group, Inc. is an independent research firm based in Harvard Square that provides fundamental research and sell recommendations to professional money managers. Its mission is to provide clients with profitable, action oriented, and exceptionally thorough fundamental research at a cost effective price.
Off Wall Street seeks to identify stocks that have the potential to make 50% downward percentage moves. These stocks most often have relatively high valuations, and are going to have negative earnings surprises. Off Wall Street examines growth stocks where consensus earnings growth estimates are high, to see what could go wrong fundamentally.
Recommendations are triggered when Off Wall Street thinks that actual financial results will create a change in investors' perception about the value of a stock. Off Wall Street's research explains in detail why this turn in events should happen. The focus is on changes in expectations due to earnings disappointments. These disappointments are often driven by balance sheet considerations and accounting adjustments as well as by operations.
Off Wall Street was founded in March of 1990. It makes only sell recommendations. Off Wall Street has an extraordinary track record. Its recommendations have been right over 85% of the time. The Off Wall Street's short portfolio has outperformed a S&P 500 derivative short by over thirty percentage points annually. Results are documented quarterly for clients.
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