Catamount Strategic Advisors LLC
One Bush Street
12th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94104
United States
Phone: 415-240-4222
Media/General Contact:
Cobb H. Sadler, CFA
Phone: 415-240-4222
Firm Description:
Cobb H. Sadler, CFA founded Catamount Strategic Advisors LLC in February 2009 with a mission of assisting our clients, a subset of the technology public and private investment community, in making intelligent investment decisions by providing them with superior fundamental research. In contrast to traditional brokerage houses and consulting firms, we focus on only a select group of institutional investors allowing us to more directly address the needs of our clients.
We believe that our business model fills a void in the technology institutional equity business. At Catamount Strategic Advisors, we recognize the merits of the strategies of both the traditional investment houses and industry research or data point shops and meld the best aspects of each into a single platform. Leveraging our experience at both major Wall Street investment houses and within the communications industry, we provide both long term thesis oriented investment ideas by identifying secular themes, as well as, identify short term opportunities.
Research is our only business. Research is our lifeblood and it is our ONLY business. We believe this differentiates us from some full service investment banks who view research as a "necessary evil" or "loss leader" used to generate revenue in higher margin activities including investment banking or other prime brokerage services.
Our strategy is simple. Create an investment strategy for a particular sector and individual names within that sector, adjust that thesis as dictated by the results of intense data point mining and measure the impact of any data points on the likely performance of that investment. Then, communicate the result to clients in both raw data and investment call form.
Scope. Our investment universe will include select names from the communications equipment, semiconductor and storage sub-segments of the technology sector. The primary consideration for coverage of a particular name is the extent to which we either have or can develop "differentiated investment insight". We avoid names or sectors where we do not have or are not likely to develop a sustainable differentiated investment insight.
Client Base:
Mutual Funds, Hedge Funds, Pension Funds
fundamental research, proprietary data mining
Sectors Covered:
Technology - Communications Equipment, Communications Semiconductors, Data Center Technologies
Instruments Covered:
Tickers Covered:
Research Covered: n/a
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