La Jolla Economics
7608 La Jolla Boulevard
La Jolla, CA 92037
United States
Phone: 858-456-4567
Media/General Contact:
Andy Wiese
Phone: 858-456-4567
Firm Description:
La Jolla Economics is a well-established and widely followed economics research and consulting firm founded by Victor Canto, Ph.D. LJE combines qualitative analysis and quantitative models to offer informative economic, political and industry research to the institutional investment community. LJE tries to identify the stocks intensive in the characteristic favored by the economic environment. LJE has developed a comprehensive stock-valuation approach that starts at the security level and then overlays macro-, or market-level, forecasts. The process uses multiple valuation screens to provide a reliable gauge of investment opportunities for individual securities that insures the strength and accuracy of a recommendation.
Client Base:
Victor Canto
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