Sabrient Systems
1435 Anacapa Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
United States
Phone: 850-730-7594
Media/General Contact:
Kasandra Bentley
Phone: 850-730-7594
Firm Description:
Sabrient is an independent equity research firm employing an unbiased, computer-driven, fundamentals-based quantitative methodology to identify stocks that appear poised to outperform or under-perform the market. Sabrient?s proprietary methodology selects from among hundreds of fundamental and technical factors to create a library of more than 200 robust multi-factor filters, each targeting one of the typical investing styles such as value, growth, or momentum. Using an adaptive process, all filters are regularly backtested to ensure that only the best performing filters are at work. These are used to scan the universe of U.S.-traded equities to determine what attributes are being sought or rejected by the current market, and what stocks best reflect those attributes but are not yet sufficiently rewarded or punished. Then, a composite scoring system employs a broader set of strong filters to rank the resulting list of stocks, assess the relative likelihood of upside or downside price action, and assign a Buy, Hold, or Sell rating.
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Kasandra Bentley
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