Caminus Capital Management, LLC
88 7th Avenue

New York, NY 10109
United States
Phone: 212-961-0044
Media/General Contact:
Joe Vencil
Phone: 212-961-0044
Firm Description:
Caminus Capital Partners, LLC is a small Independent Research Provider that uses a quantitative approach to investing driven primarily by Economic Value Added (EVA)analysis. Our research offers timely, actionable and dispassionate analysis that spans nearly the entire universe of investible equities.
Using publicly disclosed financial data to analyze a firm 's true economic value and the amount of wealth that it is creating or destroying, we rank our universe (Mkt Cap > 200ml) from best to worst based on the current level of a Company's performance as well as any ongoing changes to its relative performance, relative value and overriding risk factors. Our database is updated on a daily basis to reflect any ratings changes based on these factors.
Client Base:
Joe Vencil
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