Capital Alpha Partners, LLC
600 Pennsylvania Ave SE Suite 220
Washington, DC 20003
United States
Phone: 202-548-0102
Media/General Contact:
Courtney Oldham
Phone: 202-548-0102
Firm Description:
Capital Alpha Partners, LLC is an independent research firm, entirely focused on political, legislative, and regulatory matters.
Our analysts offer years of relevant professional experience in their respective fields, deep appreciation of process and historical patterns in Washington, familiarity with context, and views grounded in documentary research as part of a rigorous, multidisciplinary approach to political risk assessment.
Where conventional wisdom is wrong, we often have a different perspective, helping institutional investors identify gaps between market misperception and a better grounded view.
Client Base:
Methodologies: n/a
Sectors Covered:
Financials, healthcare, energy, utilities, defense, transportation, infrastructure, industrial equipment, and telecom.
Instruments Covered: n/a
Tickers Covered: n/a
Research Covered: n/a
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