Macroeconomic Advisers LLC
231 S. Bemiston Ave., Ste. 900
Saint Louis, MO 63105
United States
Phone: 314-721-4747
Media/General Contact:
Chris Varvares
Phone: 314-721-4747
Firm Description:
Macroeconomic Advisers (MA) issues regular reports on the economic outlook and monetary policy prospects, sponsors quarterly outlook meetings, prepares periodic policy analyses, and offers other auxiliary services in support of MA's U.S. Macro Model and forecasts of the United States economy.
Client Base:
Both buy-side and sell-side firms interested in U.S. macroeconomic performance, Fed policy and interest rates. Clients also include key government agencies with important economic policy roles or sensitivity, central banks around the globe, trade associations, and major nonfinancial corporations.
MA produces model-based macroeconomic forecasts using its proprietary large-scale structural model of the U.S. economy combined with its judgment about current economic conditions and relationships based on thirty years of analyzing and forecasting the U.S. economy. In addition, MA utilizes a variety of other proprietary models (part of its leaving no stone unturned philosophy) to form a well-considered view of any and all significant U.S. macro issues.
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