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How New Constructs Creates Value for Clients
1. Superior Recommendations - Our stock picks consistently outperform. See our track record in our stock-picking accolades and Proof Is In Performance reports.
2. More Accurate Research - Our patented Research Platform for reversing accounting distortions and discounted cash flow analysis leverages better data to deliver smarter research.
3. Time Savings - We check the fine print in thousands of corporate filings so you don't have to. As reported by Barron?s, our expertise in analyzing SEC filings delivers Hidden Gems and Red Flags that drive long-term stock-picking success.
4. Transparency - We are proud to share the results of our analysis of over 50,000 10Ks. See the Corporate Disclosure Transgressions report we provided the SEC. Our reports detail all data and assumptions. Company Models enable users to change them.
5. Objectivity - New Constructs is an independent research firm, not tied to Wall Street or investment banking services. Our models are driven by comprehensive high-quality data not stories. See our presentation to the Senate Banking Committee, the SEC and many others in DC.
Our Philosophy About Research:
Accounting data is not designed for equity investors, but for debt investors. Accounting data must be translated into economic earnings to understand the profitability and valuation relevant to equity investors. Respected investors (e.g. Adam Smith, Warren Buffett and Ben Graham) have repeatedly emphasized that accounting results should not be used to value stocks. Economic earnings are what matter because they are:
1. Based on the complete set of financial information available.
2. Standard for all companies.
3. A more accurate representation of the true underlying cash flows of the business.
Additional Information:
Incorporated in July 2002, New Constructs is an independent publisher of investment research that provides clients with consulting, advisory and research services. We specialize in quality-of-earnings, forensic accounting and discounted cash flow valuation analyses for all U.S. public companies. We translate accounting data from 10Ks into economic financial statements, i.e. NOPAT, Invested Capital, and WACC, to create economic earnings models, which are necessary to understand the true profitability and valuation of companies. Visit the Free Archive to download samples of our research. New Constructs is a BBB accredited business.
Client Base:
Institutional, Retail
Fundamental-economic, Quantitative
Sectors Covered:
All Sectors - Russel 1000 and Russel 3000 ,All Sectors - Russel 1000, Russel 3000 and 7000+ mutual funds and 400+ ETFs.
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