Strategic Economic Decisions, Inc.
P.O. Box 2054
Scottsdale, AZ 85252
United States
Phone: 480-883-3200
Media/General Contact:
H. Woody Brock
Phone: 480-883-3200
Firm Description:
For over 20 years, S.E.D. has been the recognized leader in helping institutional investors distinguish high value-added inferences from "information" which is available to everyone, and of little value. Central to our research activities in this area has been the firm's commitment to identifying a host of ongoing structural changes in the domestic and global environments, and in predicting the often counter-intuitive implications of such developments for global markets.
The fundamental premise of our Economic Advisory Service is that superior inferences are possible and profitable -- that better thinking pays. S.E.D.'s philosophy of "contingently active" investment management posits that an investor should take a long or short position relative to his benchmark only when he has good reason to disagree with the market. Interestingly, there are occasions when it is rational to disagree with market expectations to some degree and thus to be somewhat short or long. This is particularly true in the case of macroeconomic developments where structural change has undermined many relationships traditionally believed to hold between economic events and financial market behavior.
Client Base:
Fundamental, Technical, Quantitative, Macroeconomic
Sectors Covered:
Financial Markets, Real Estate, Technology, Energy
Instruments Covered:
Equities, Fixed Income, Derivatives
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