Tiburon Research Group, Inc.
601 Montgomery Street
Suite 780
San Francisco, CA 94111
United States
Phone: 415-434-1730
Media/General Contact:
Rob Wilson
Phone: 415-434-1730
Firm Description:
Tiburon Research Group (TRG) is an independent equity research boutique specializing in the retail/consumer industry. Founded in 2002 by industry veterans, we provide value-added contrarian views to institutional investors heavily focused on the retail industry. We analyze 60+ North American retailers, but we focus our most diligent research efforts on the 12-15 most probable EPS divergence opportunities. Typically, these opportunities arise when our 3-12 month earnings outlook materially differs from consensus EPS estimates. Our independence is a critical component of our research. Without ties to investment banking, trading, or company management teams, we are free to publish unbiased research while avoiding a regurgitation of managerial spin. Our research methodology is built on two distinct areas of expertise: (1) Intensive Earnings Quality Analytics: our rigorous, proprietary analysis of sales/earnings quality enables us to more effectively forecast forward earnings. The depth of work that we provide our clients is unmatched by our peers, and (2) Insightful Store-Level Primary Research: we are in malls 5-6 days per week and we methodically track store-level promotional activity so that we can better understand year-over-year top-line and merchandise margin trends.
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Fundamental, Quantitative
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