Behind the Numbers
8140 Walnut Hill Lane
Suite 203
Dallas, TX 75231
United States
Phone: 800-585-5019
Media/General Contact:
Jeff Middleswart
Phone: 800-585-5019
Firm Description:
Behind the Numbers is an independent research service for institutional investors that provides quality of earnings warnings and "sell" recommendations on U.S. based companies. The service continually evaluates stocks where investors have high expectations for future earnings growth and that are Wall Street favorites. To identify those stocks that are likely to disappoint investors and underperform the market, two equally important techniques are used.
1. Financial reports are reviewed carefully for "quality of earning" factors. This process includes the analysis of footnotes, operating earnings momentum and balance sheet ratios. Differences in reported earnings between companies may be substantial, yet may result only from choices between accounting treatments and business options.
2. "Grass roots" securities analysis is conducted. This might include discussions with customers, suppliers, competitors and/or governmental agencies. The objective is to understand if investors' lofty expectations are justified. Wall Street analysts tend to be optimistic, while Behind the Numbers takes a more objective outlook.
The coverage list includes mid to large capitalization stocks typically owned by institutions. An important strength of Behind the Numbers is its complete independence and lack of affiliation with other entities. This leaves the analysts free from potential biases and allows them to report to clients with absolute objectivity.
Client Base:
Sectors Covered:
All sectors except biotech
Instruments Covered:
Equities, Fixed Income, Derivatives
Tickers Covered: n/a
Research Covered: n/a
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