Retail Intelligence Group
3922 Coconut Palm Drive
Suite 300
Tampa, FL 33619
United States
Phone: 813-627-6968
Media/General Contact:
Bruce McVey
Phone: 813-627-6968
Firm Description:
The Retail Intelligence Group ("RIG") supports its clients by identifying actionable insights and trends across the consumer sector. Our research and analysis of retail/restaurant conditions, strategic initiatives, and competitive positioning provides investors with a timely and trusted perspective with which to manage their holdings and test their ideas. RIG conducts extensive channel research on over 100 retailers, restaurant operators, and suppliers through its active coverage and customized research services.
RIG analysts closely examine store-level factors such as inventory conditions, pricing, promotional activity, operating costs, merchandising, new products, services, traffic, and sales trends. RIG is a registered investment advisor; RIG analysts are licensed and trained to provide clients with thorough support. RIG is based in Tampa, FL and was founded in 2003.
Client Base:
Fundamental, Other
Sectors Covered:
Retail, Restaurants
Instruments Covered:
Tickers Covered: n/a
Research Covered: n/a
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